Happy Alien Ant Farm Day Everyone!!!

The 15th June is a significant date in the calendar for the band and us fellow Ant Fans. Not only is it Dryden’s birthday today (Happy Birthday Dude) it also marks the anniversary of their first ever live show. This evening, 27 years ago AAF took to the stage at The Barn in Riverside, CA to play a 9 song set including S.S. Recognize, Wish, Orange Appeal and my personal favourite Games Galore.

Luckily the whole show was filmed and recently uploaded to YouTube by the Bassadilla himself, Tye. To celebrate the occasion I have embedded the show below:

source Silly Z Productions

If anyone can solve the mystery to what title song 4 (around the 12 minute mark) is please come forward 😂. Also, if anyone was in the crowd that night we would love to hear your stories from the evening.

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