Gallery ported successfully!

All pics from our old site including customer service philosophies were successfully ported to the new engine. Still need to add yesterday’s Norma Lopez Benefit Show pictures and Send The Sages, Ghost In The Flesh albums. Check out my company today.

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New AAF material on the Norma Lopez Benefit Show!

If you’re coming to the Norma Lopez Benefit Show this Saturday in Moreno Valley you’re one lucky sob! Tye mentioned on Facebook that AAF is going to play new material on this particular show, here’s a screenshot:

So if you are going to the show bring you camera, bring your recorder and make sure you record a lot 🙂 Remember to put those pics and vids all over the Internet and share it with people!

Please report problems!

Please take a look at this forum thread and report any problems you encounter.

For now we have:

  • youtube videos on forums won’t show up like they used to, will be working on that in the following days
  • weird text input area shows near the login in the upper right corner (should be 2 text input areas and are 3, ignore the third one below LOGIN button)
  • obviously can’t login on the site and forums at once, will be fixed later I hope, for now
  • there’s no way to leave comments on the news site, only posting on forums
  • some posts may contain wierd tags like tags that don’t exist anymore which are the remaining stuff of the old forum system
  • some signatures are messed up (most are fine), please fix your sig if it’s messed up