Please report problems!

Please take a look at this forum thread and report any problems you encounter.

For now we have:

  • youtube videos on forums won’t show up like they used to, will be working on that in the following days
  • weird text input area shows near the login in the upper right corner (should be 2 text input areas and are 3, ignore the third one below LOGIN button)
  • obviously can’t login on the site and forums at once, will be fixed later I hope, for now
  • there’s no way to leave comments on the news site, only posting on forums
  • some posts may contain wierd tags like tags that don’t exist anymore which are the remaining stuff of the old forum system
  • some signatures are messed up (most are fine), please fix your sig if it’s messed up

Welcome on the new site!

Hi guys, welcome back! I know this looks totally different but don’t worry I bet you will get use to it very quickly!

Why did I resign from the old site engine?

  • it had lots of potential threats and messed up setup (spam everywhere!!!)
  • it was very hard to customize the looks of it (or even find a good looking theme)
  • the forum system was very, very limited and not pleasant to eyes
  • everything needed a total rearrange

So I decided to use WordPress on the site and Simple Machine Forums for the forum system.

Now before you ask any questions, your username and forum posts are still here! However, you will have to reset your password because while migrating all passwords got messed up but I think it’s a good thing because right now I’ll actually see how many users are actually active on the site.

Reset My Fucking Password

You also need to re-upload your avatar!

Anyway, the current design of the site might now be the best but I didn’t want to wait longer and leave the old site hanging. I still have a lot of work to do like integrating WordPress users with forum users (so you wouldn’t have to use separate accounts for this site and forum system) so for now you won’t be able to register a new account on the site (for comments under posts and pages).

And finally, you all probably wonder what’s happening with Alien Ant Farm? Where are the new Webizodes, new songs, new videos or something at all. Believe me I would want to know too but I am sure that they are working very hard on it. I managed to find out that the new record is going to come out this spring 2011 (at least that’s the plan). I had a pleasure of hearing some of the new material already and you guys won’t be disappointed! It’s good to have Terry back!

Tye joined eENIK recently and Mike formed a totally new band with his friends (Pretty Neato) which is pretty neat but this does not mean Alien Ant Farm is on hiatus or broken up again!

Just wanted to clear some things out.

Take care,

PS Take a look around and report any problems you encounter. If you have problems getting into your old account do not create a new one because I can easily setup a new password for you manually just e-mail me at!