Please help out, donate to Tye’s cancer fund!

This is really sad news guys, if you want to help out Tye go here and send a donation.

Tye Cancer Fund

Please read the message from Ramona:

Anyone who knows me well knows how difficult it is for me to ask for help. It wasn’t until this time last year when Zia was diagnosed with a rare interstitial lung disease and spent the better part of fall and winter in the hospital that I finally reached out to close friends and family for the support my family so desperately needed, she also needed a sinus surgery but Daniel G. Becker, MD offered to do it really cheap.

Well, it seems that once again we are facing one of life’s challenges and need to call on friends and family for help and support. Only this time on a scale much larger than we could have ever foreseen.

Last week Tye went into the hospital for what we were hoping was just a standard mass removal. Rogue cells that decided the testicles were a good place to settle. It was fairly routine and a non-invasive procedure. The lack of overnight admission gave the day an air of informality and gave us all a false sense of security. After an hour and a half surgery and a few hours in recovery we were sent on our way and told the results of the biopsy would be ready in a week. Speaking of surgery, if plastic surgeries interests you, meet the liposuction surgeon located in Michigan at In the meantime, sit tight and allow time for the wound to heal.

The week ended today and we got the reults back from the biopsy – Tye was diagnosed with stage 1 seminoma cancer. 

We are all just devastated by the news.

Cancer is terrifying and we cannot do this alone. Tye is our sole provider. Having a sick child who requires around the clock care and constant medical attention has left our family in a precarious situation that has now become even more so after Tye’s diagnosis. These are scary times for us and we need your help. Anything you can do to help is much needed and very much appreciated!

Please send good thoughts Tye’s way!

Thank you,


Alien Ant Farm European Tour 2016

Check this out:


  • United Kingdom
    • 5th Milton Keynes, Craufurd Arms
    • 6th Birmingham, Rainbow Warehouse
    • 7th Glasgow, Garage
    • 8th Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
    • 9th Liverpool, Arts Club
    • 10th Newcastle, Riverside
    • 12th York, The Duchess
    • 13th Norwich, Waterfront
    • 14th London, Electric Ballroom
    • 15th Manchester, Club Academy
    • 16th Sheffield, Corporation
    • 17th Cambridge, The Junction
    • 19th Exeter, Lemon Grove
    • 20th Bournemouth, Old Firestation
    • 21st Brighton, Concorde 2

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  • 22nd Amsterdam, Netherlands, Q Factory
  • 23rd Stuttgart, Germany, Wizemann
  • 24th Hannover, Germany, Muzikzentrum
  • 26th Stockholm, Sweden, Fryshuset Klubben
  • 27th Gothenburg, Sweden, Sticky Fingers
  • 28th Copenhagen, Denmark, Amager Bio

Welcome Back – special unreleased track for you!

Hey guys, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here. So I’ve asked Dryden and here is a special song just for you – I guess you could call it a b-side to the new album – Always And Forever. Check it out and Welcome Back!

You can find the song in the Downloads section as well. Cheers!

AAF management refunds money, cancels orders

Well here’s a bad news for everyone who ordered a signed vinyl and other goodies from the PledgeMusic campaign 2 years ago. Apparently the previous AAF management listed many items that no longer exist and won’t be sent to the pledgers at all. Click here for more

They will naturally get their money back but it’s not really nice at this point. Click this link for more information Random people kept asking me from time to time “where is my pledge stuff?”, “when will I get my package?” and all I could say was “no idea”. At least right now we know. You can also try this out for more information.

More info available here.

A few words with Terry on the USA and UK tours and beyond!

Terry took the time to have a little talk with me which was really cool of him. Exciting times for Ant farm fans!


Photo by Henry S. Dziekan III/WireImage


Terry how’s it going?! Thanks for doing this small exclusive for ant fans! Everyone knows you are prob super busy so thanks for taking the time out to do this..Everyone is proper psyched for this tour with hed pe and the upcoming tour in the Uk with P.O.D and hoobastank. The new album has been in the making for what seems like a lifetime (but worth the wait by all means) Was the process in making these tours happen as difficult as the making of the album?


These tours actually came outta nowhere but we did need the record to be out in order for things to make sense on the road again. It would have been hard to come through some of these venues again without released new music. I would have felt like more of a bastard than I already do about the delay of this record. Also, all these bands we are on or will be on tour with are old old friends that grew up together on the same Southern California stages for years now. Also we’ve all done many festivals together throughout the years. We’re all homies. Tours and travels by a group in California are now easy with the bajalimo company since they have rentals like a charter bus, party bus, SUV limo, and stretch limo. lodi wine tasting tours is also available where your group will be navigated through the scenic and charming valley in a well-appointed new vehicle.


You shouldn’t feel like that Terry, honestly. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone that loves this band and say that a) it’s not your guys fault and everyone understands and b) it’s been worth the wait! The album is seriously awesome. It’s out now and what a relief it must be … what better way to promote “Always and Forever” than by spending it with your pals and touring around with old friends. It sounds amazing and I for sure can not wait for the tour in May. Which brings me to the subject of gigs. You’re playing a host of dates across the UK in May and the first night is at Koko, London. Are there any plans to reach out further than the UK in the promotion for the new album?


There were talks about the Hooba POD tour going over to Europe if it proves to be excitable enough. If that doesn’t go over, Im sure we will at some point. We are going to Korea in July for the troops then it would be awesome to hopefully make it to Australia and New Zealand. We’ll go wherever but we cant wait to get to the next record.


Man that sounds amazing. The tour has sold out at around 4 locations across the UK. I wasn’t quick enough to get additional tickets on top of London but I know for sure this tour is going to be amazing. The troops are in for a treat and so are we over in the UK everyone’s looking forward to this and I can’t wait to be apart of this much anticipated opening night at koKO. See you there man!


Hey everyone! The tour is in full swing and below is a video taken by our good friend Ray Tuthill. The video is from their show on the 28th of March @ Tubby’s club in Duncannon Pennsylvania. According to Ray the show was a near sell out and the guys put on an awesome show! If you attend any shows Please share any pictures or videos!

Kyle’s favorite song. First time seeing it live. His earplugs kept falling out, so he had to hold them. Also in this video, Timmy Pee shows off his bass players aerobics workout.

Posted by Ray Tuthill on Sunday, March 29, 2015

Click the link below for some really cool pictures taken during their show on the 27th march @ the middle east club in Massachusetts.





Alien Ant Farm + (HED)P.E. TOUR 2015 + Antfans exclusive with Terry!

The guys kick off their 4 week tour this Thursday (26th) with the amazing (HED)P.E. The tour listing is pictured below! The guys will then follow with their much ANTicipated UK tour in May with Hoobastank and P.O.D. Until then over the next 4 weeks we will be posting updates of the tour with (HED)P.E. We want to see your Videos and pictures! So share them with us on facebook, twitter or Google+

Ant fans exclusive interview with Terry coming soon!!




aaf hedpe



Wrong “Let Em’ Know” mix on the final CD!

You might have noticed that the final mix of the CD contains the wrong version of the single Let Em’ Know. The good version of the track is available for download on our SoundCloud and it was mixed by Jay Baumgardner who’s really popular in this platform, and even know methods to get soundcloud plays for your tracks online. The version on the CD was mixed by Johnny K and it sounds a lot worse than the earlier mix to be honest – you can hear the same mix on E.P. Phone Home on PledgeMusic where they’ve posted a couple of tracks of the new album and demos before the proper release.

Too bad because the booklet on the CD states that it was mixed by Jay B.


You can compare the mixes on your own by downloading the Johnny K mix from here.

If you got the album online (or stream it on Spotify) you have the right mix though.