Party Like It’s 1996………..

After years of searching I was finally able to track down a copy of Alien Ant Farm’s first demo release from way back in 1996. I wanted to digitise the tape by recording it using Audacity and share it amongst the Ant Farm fans. As expected the quality had deteriorated over the years and took longer than I expected, I mean jeez it is 27 years old. The side A recording was the better quality of the 2 but was missing around 5 seconds of audio during Star Side Pride. I had to cut the section of audio from side B and paste it into Side A, I hope it doesn’t affect the overall recording.

I have managed to upload the demo and embedded the tracks below. I hope you enjoy listening to the songs as much as I did.

Track 1 – S.S. Recognize

Track 2 – Games Galore

Track 3 – Star Side Pride

Track 4 – Wishing

Track 5 – Orange Appeal (Secret Track)

Wishing Dryden a very Happy Birthday Alien Ant Fans Style

Today (15th June) Marks Alien Ant Farm’s vocalist, Dryden Mitchell’s birthday so lets all wish Dry a huge happy birthday. Today also marks the 26th anniversary of AAF’s first ever show. To celebrate the momentous occasion you can find footage of the entire show below. So let’s raise a glass and rock out to some vintage Ant Farm…..

Source Silly Z Productions

P.S Thank you Tye for converting those old tapes to digital. Throwing a coin in the Wishin Well.

P.S.S Being the geek I am I tried to fit all the name variations of AAF’s song Wish from their first demo tape dubbed $100 EP into the post. I was clutching at straws on the last one lol but managed to get them all in.