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Here are the highlights from music news outlets after the release of So Cold.

Revolver Magazine

Smooth criminals Alien Ant Farm have announced their first new album in nearly a decade, ~mAntras~, the follow-up to 2015’s Always and Forever. To underline the news, the nu-metal veterans offered up lead single “So Cold,” a catchy, crunchy cut that calls back to the classic AAF sound.

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Southern California staples ALIEN ANT FARM have released a brand new song called “So Cold”. The track’s title is fitting after the band’s musical hibernation. It calls to the fans who have been around since the beginning, with classic ALIEN ANT FARM guitar riffs leading fans into a blistering chorus. The track is taken from ALIEN ANT FARM’s upcoming album, “~mAntras~”, to be released April 26, 2024.

ALIEN ANT FARM is confirmed to perform at Welcome To Rockville 2024 with the likes of FOO FIGHTERSEVANESCENCEDISTURBEDSLIPKNOTFLYLEAF and more. The band will also perform in Ashland, Kentucky on June 8 at Paramount Arts Center.

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Metal Injection

If you’ve been missing that nü-metal “quieter bits that blow up into a positive-sounding chorus” thing that was rampant 20 years ago, you’re gonna love this.

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Platinum-selling nü-metal/alternative rock band Alien Ant Farm will be dropping a new album “~mAntras~” on April 26th. That record will emerge as their first in nearly a decade. for now you can check out the first single from it, “So Cold“.

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4 Days To go…….

Another video has been posted by the band showing a number 4 with an audio snippet from their Wham cover ‘Everything She Wants’ which was originally released in 2020. The number 4 also potentially teases new artwork. It is definitely some sort of countdown, What will Friday bring? New single? Album news? Tour Announcement? All we know is that we don’t have to wait long to find out.

Check out the video below:


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