Internal Server Error and memory outages

I’m really sorry this is happening guys and right now I’m in the process of changing hosts. Host Nine limited their shared hosting accounts and turns out my needs are a little bit too much for their service. I’m currently looking for a good VPS or maybe some sort of better shared hosting. Please stay tuned and I think you may excpect some changes around here pretty soon as well, I’m probably going to live up this place a little bit.


PS Meanwhile if you get an Internal Server Error 500 or php error just refresh the site, hopefully it will still work. I know it sucks but at this point I can’t offer anything else. Have fun this weekend (go fucking outside it’s great)!

Please report problems!

Please take a look at this forum thread and report any problems you encounter.

For now we have:

  • youtube videos on forums won’t show up like they used to, will be working on that in the following days
  • weird text input area shows near the login in the upper right corner (should be 2 text input areas and are 3, ignore the third one below LOGIN button)
  • obviously can’t login on the site and forums at once, will be fixed later I hope, for now
  • there’s no way to leave comments on the news site, only posting on forums
  • some posts may contain wierd tags like tags that don’t exist anymore which are the remaining stuff of the old forum system
  • some signatures are messed up (most are fine), please fix your sig if it’s messed up