Message from eENIK!

Here’s a short message from eENIK:

Hey guys.

You feelin’ good? You feelin’ anything?

A certain drummer has asked me to ask you if you are ‘feeling anything whatsoever’.

March has tiger’s blood all over it and eENIK is about ‘winning’.  For those of you who have kept an eye on our gradual climb towards our highest summit, we now call upon you to help us get to the next level.

Before that, a toast to our fans and friendy-friend bands for supporting our music in so many different ways.  A quick message or comment on our Facebook page always gives us boost to move our project forward.  Thank you and you know who you are.

Back to winning. We recently received the honor of appearing on Roadrunner Records very first compilation of unsigned bands.  A pool of hundreds of artists and tracks were considered, and eENIK’s ‘Passive Attack’ was selected to grace the digital release available on their March 4th.  More details are available here.

Full Metal Texas is an event sponsored by Roadrunner which will feature bands from across the galaxy converging in Austin, TX during the SXSW festival in mid-March.  Roadrunner’s unsigned band discovery site is running a contest to find a band to fill a premiere slot where industry execs will bathe in a dump truck full of caviar while they check their Twitter feed. eENIK is currently number 8 in the running of bands fighting  for that slot; we need to break into the top five to be considered.  This is possible with your help! Please help us by submitting a ‘10’ review for the band and leaving a rad comment.  It takes a minute to register. You will be rewarded when we debut new tracks on Roadrunner, hopefully next month! One review per email address…

IF YOU HAVE A BAND this is a great way to get reviewed by Roadrunner. Sign in and review us to get started.

Follow this link, sign up and rate us.  This will really help us out:

A belated welcome to James Lee Barlow as guitarist and keyboardist! Tye has moved up to lead guitar and we are setting sail with new material very shortly.  Shows to be announced soon.

With gallons of tiger’s blood,

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