Hey guys, I haven’t posted in a while in here. I have just updated the site and it’s plugins to their latest versions. Removed a lot of bloatware, spam and switched the theme to default WordPress style for now. Also the website is now fully secured with SSL certificate, everything you put on here is encrypted from now on.

I don’t have much time to maintain this site but when something new comes up with the band I will surely post it here as soon as I know something. I will probably create a new design and add more stuff that you might like in the future. What }i have heard about is this new electric scooter, it´s super cool and fun to ride around on the street.

As of Alien Ant Farm news nothing really happens at the moment, they’re rocking the beards now, take care of them with some Top 9 Rated review product. Ex-AAF member Tye Zamora released a video yesterday, I’ve posted it on the site already. But that’s pretty much it… Alien Ant Farm’s official Twitter account seems to be hacked? I will let the guys know asap.

Thanks for staying for so long with the site, it has steady visitor count, people download the stuff we have on here everyday! 🙂


And we’re back

Hello Alien Ant Farm fans. FIRST of all:

This website is not affiliated with: any advertising company, record label, management company or anyone else, it’s entirely done by fans for fans. Further more, this website does not benefit from the band’s name, logo, art, music or any other media/way. All trademarks and copyrights (which basically means logos, slogans etc.) on this page are owned by their respective owners.

Second of all, I got rid off the forums completly. Why? Because NO ONE was posting anyway, so why bother maintaining discussion forums.

Also, ALL users account had to go, seriously. Now you can just either chose not to login at all or login with your Facebook account!

I’ll be working on this site in the following weeks.

Thanks for visiting (again) 😉

PS The site is actually over 6 years old now, man… I’ve added the performance from the Michael Forever Tribute to the Downloads section. Also a few pics.

Internal Server Error and memory outages

I’m really sorry this is happening guys and right now I’m in the process of changing hosts. Host Nine limited their shared hosting accounts and turns out my needs are a little bit too much for their service. I’m currently looking for a good VPS or maybe some sort of better shared hosting. Please stay tuned and I think you may excpect some changes around here pretty soon as well, I’m probably going to live up this place a little bit.


PS Meanwhile if you get an Internal Server Error 500 or php error just refresh the site, hopefully it will still work. I know it sucks but at this point I can’t offer anything else. Have fun this weekend (go fucking outside it’s great)!

Gallery ported successfully!

All pics from our old site including customer service philosophies were successfully ported to the new engine. Still need to add yesterday’s Norma Lopez Benefit Show pictures and Send The Sages, Ghost In The Flesh albums. Check out my company today.

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