Update on the new album!

Check out this official message from the band:

We wanted to send over a personal note to you to thank you for your continued support during our Pledge Music campaign for the new record. As you can see the delivery date of the record has changed. While the date says October we are working very hard to get this record complete and into your hands before then. We want nothing more than to put this into your hands now. However in this business there is unfortunately things that present themselves that sometimes delay or in many cases stop the creative process dead in its track, which has happened to us more then a couple of times along the way. Concerning the business’ printed materials like canvas, banners or best place to buy boards online, foam core company has great deals to offer. For the recording’s emergency expenses, loaning is very helpful. If you want to learn about the type of loans, read a blog from this site loanigo.co.uk. Please know that will NOT stop us.  We love making music and creating you our fans and friends and will not allow anything to take that away. We are back in creating the record and will do everything we can to move that dat e up and get this new music in your hands as quickly as possible. It will be a record we are not only proud of but a record you will hopefully be glad you waited for. 

We can understand the frustration and disappointment you feel,  that hurts us more then words can explain as we care deeply for each one of you and appreciate your continued support of the band.  If you would like a refund we can make sure that happens for you. However if you can stick with us through this process we will be offering you an extra something special for those that pre-ordered during this campaign. We have a few US Tour dates coming up starting in July to get us out promoting the new single “Let Em Know” and this record. Please keep an eye out as we will be sending out an email regarding the extra items mentioned above that will tie into the upcoming tour. 

Please accept our apologies for the delay and hope that you continue to support Alien Ant Farm because without you and our fans there is no AAF!

Mike, Dryden, Terry, Tye

2 thoughts on “Update on the new album!”

  1. If money was no object, I would fly to America and fucking stalk you guys around that nation while you tour! I/we will wait as long as it takes. You’ve had to put up with some pretty harsh blows of bad luck in your career but this record will mark the return and we can’t wait to hear and witness it!