And we’re back

Hello Alien Ant Farm fans. FIRST of all:

This website is not affiliated with: any advertising company, record label, management company or anyone else, it’s entirely done by fans for fans. Further more, this website does not benefit from the band’s name, logo, art, music or any other media/way. All trademarks and copyrights (which basically means logos, slogans etc.) on this page are owned by their respective owners.

Second of all, I got rid off the forums completly. Why? Because NO ONE was posting anyway, so why bother maintaining discussion forums.

Also, ALL users account had to go, seriously. Now you can just either chose not to login at all or login with your Facebook account!

I’ll be working on this site in the following weeks.

Thanks for visiting (again) 😉

PS The site is actually over 6 years old now, man… I’ve added the performance from the Michael Forever Tribute to the Downloads section. Also a few pics.