Interview: Terry @ Maximum Threshold

If you missed the interview with Terry and Maximum Threshold you can click on the link to listen now!

If the link ever goes down it’s rehosted on our site (go to Downloads section under 2012).

Don’t have time to listen to it? Lets sum it up:

  • studio in Chicago, working with Johnny K
  • Michael Forever Tribute
  • the new record
  • management and label changes
  • why did he left the band
  • future tour plans
  • the band wants the record to come out in early February 2013
  • they’re going to do a christmas concert for charity with symphony from Riverside Community College (old, new and christmas songs)
  • who did the yelling (OOoo!) on Smooth Criminal (it was Tye)
  • Michael Jackson and his feedback on Smooth Criminal back in 2001, what made the band chose Smooth Criminal over any other MJ song
  • the largest crowd AAF played to was 60 000 – 80 000 people
  • 71

Studio recording from last night, first single of the new album is “Let Them Know”!

Go ahead and see the recording of the stream from last night (the stream went offline for me for a couple of minutes, it’s almost the whole thing though).

The recording can be downloaded from the Downloads section under /2012/


Here’s some info on the new record:

  • record is coming out in early 2013
  • single is called “Let Them Know”
  • the record is being produced by Johnny K (Staind, 3 Doors Down, Disturbed, Plain White T’s, Drowning Pool, Machine Head and more)
  • AAF recorded around 60 songs for the record, the list has 45 songs but they are still recording more as you read this

Fun facts from the stream:

  • Dryden used to work at pizzeria
  • Tye gets shit faced first
  • at some point they will tour in Europe, there is a chance for November-December 2012
  • you can call Dryden on Skype drydenpuppy
  • RHCP is better than Nirvana
  • they will be streaming more of these so stay tuned

Remember that redirects to their official USTREAM channel in case you need to get there fast it’s easier to remember when you’re using your phone or a mobile device.

AAF head into the studio to start tracking the new record!

Here’s the latest post of AAF’s official Facebook page:

Its about that time Drones we are setting the schedule to head into the studio to start tracking the new record. Keep checking back in over the next couple months for behind the scenes videos, pics and more…. 2012 NEW RECORD, TOURING AND MORE! <(V)>

We will be posting any videos and pics here as soon as we get any 😉